You need to keep the wheels turning in order to make money!  The last thing you need to worry about is finding the next load, or ensuring that you are earning the maximum rate on each load.Our team of Dispatch Professionals take all the stress away!  We have extensive relationships with Shippers and Brokers and Manage Freight on a NATIONWIDE platform!

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As an Entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your CASH FLOW needs are met.  Thta's why we've partnered with the best factoring company in the business. They offer some of the most competitive rates in the trucking industry. They feature an electronic process that allows you to process your documents with your smart phone and GET YOU PAID FAST!

Same Day or Next Day programs available!



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The trucking industry is highly regulated, and can be overwhelming for even the most experienced entrepreneurs. We make it simple! Let us work with you to get your new company off to the right start! Whether you need funds for new equipment or just to cover payroll, we can help.




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Our Program is very simple:  We book your loads and send you a Rate Confirmation (ie. Load Sheet).  We handle all of the contracts and paperwork, and we prepare all of the needed documents.  We supply Federal w9 documents, proof of authority, and insurance documentation to the shippers and we assist with route planning and factoring.  Our mission is to simplify the trucking business so you can focus on driving!

We believe in a simple and straightforward business model where we partner with our clients ... No contracts, No hidden fees.  We believe in TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!  You get the Rate Confirmations directly and bill out the shipper yourself or through a factoring company.  We invoice you weekly for our dispatch service and the invoice is broken down by load.  Very clean, very simple.  We do not require contracts and we never do any forced dispatch!  We work for you, and we EARN your repeat business by providing exceptional service that you can appreciate, and that we can be proud of!

Our RATE PLANS are simple, and we believe that they represent the best value in the industry:


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The ultimate test of any trucking company is the ability to meet on-time commitments. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting (and oftentimes exceeding) our shipper’s expectations. In addition to reliable on-time pickups and deliveries, we offer real-time freight tracking and delivery ETAs to give you confidence and peace of mind while your goods are in-route.  We’re happy to accept one-time shipments, but our experience and expertise in logistics makes us the ideal freight partner for all of your shipping needs. We can help reduce shipping costs, improve your supply chain, and minimize logistics overhead to give you an edge over the competition while increasing your bottom line. Your search for a reliable freight partner is over. Request a freight quote or contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

  • "These guys have been instrumental to the success of my company. I've been able to grow from a 1-truck operation to 5 trucks within 2 years."

    Johnathan M.


  • "These guys always make sure my trucks are moving, and I haven't had a single complaint. I wouldn't trust my trucks with anyone else now that I've experienced the best."

    Shawn P. 


  • "Since partnering with them I'm able to focus more of my time on other areas of my business now that my dispatching is handled by people who know logistics inside and out. My business is doing better than ever, and I have these guys to thank."

    Ronny D.